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Facilities Management Labor Challenges and Solutions

Vacations, medical leave, call outs and budget restraints cause significant challenges to the very best facilities management teams. The problem is quite simple...too much work and not enough work force to complete the required facilities functions. Other challenges include the increased hours needed for major corporate events …  and increased hours needed for periodic maintenance work during seasonal summer and winter periods. 

Six Challenges Facilities Management Teams Face

  1. Daily in House Cleaning and Labor Shortages
    The daily cleaning of offices, restrooms, dining areas, hallways and manufacturing areas can be challenging. The cleaning must be performed daily … but at times there are just not enough cleaners with in house managed cleaning teams.  

  2. Outsourced Cleaning Companies Fail to Keep Your Facility Clean
    Lack of customer specific detailed cleaning procedures, unsupervised cleaners and nonexistent corrective actions systems allow for outsourced cleaning companies to fail.  Small cleaning issues multiply over time, leaving your facility dirty. This is compounded by poor / no communication of customers concerns to the cleaning teams. 

  3. Third Shift and Weekend Coverages
    Many companies operate 24/7.  Often...there is a challenge in staffing the 11pm to 7 am shifts and weekends, however, this shift is critical to prepare the facilities for use the next day.

  4. Highly Technical Maintenance Labor Shortages 
    Skilled labor shortages provide a unique challenge to facilities management.  Stripping & waxing, sealing floors, carpet shampooing and grout cleaning cannot be done by just any employee.  Often, facilities managers need to supplement their teams with one or two skilled workers to complete the work.

  5. Emergency Labor Requirements 
    What happens when inclement weather, natural disasters and facility breakdowns require 25, 50 or 100 workers to be brought in or extra hands are needed at 2:00am?  Facilities managers don't have the staffing resources necessary to resolve the situation.

  6. Periodic Cleaning Budgeting
    It is not realistic to think that your nightly cleaner team can handle the detailed work needed to keep a facility clean. The stripping and waxing, carpet shampooing, window cleaning and high dusting require special utility crews, who have the skill sets needed to perform these services. Too often these services not budgeted into the cleaning contracts, leaving a shortage of skilled labor and buildings which look dirty.  

Labor Solutions Facilities Management Teams Can Use

Short and Long-Term Labor 

Diversified Building Services has been providing labor solutions to University Facilities Management Teams for 30 years. We understand the challenges and can provide the needed solutions. 

Our approach provides the correct amount of supplemental labor you request … so your facilities your team can succeed. 

Nightly Cleaning Services

  • Cost effective Monthly Rates

  • Multi-Level Supervised Cleaning

  • Detailed Systems Approach Cleaning

  • 3-5-7 Times a Week Services

  • QC Inspections of Your Buildings

  • Fast Corrective Actions Implemented

  • On demand requests available

  • Uniformed workers 

  • Background checks for the security and safety

  • Fully Insured & Simple billing


Our Labor Solutions Include:

  • Cost effective labor rates

  • Planned scheduled shifts

  • On demand requests available

  • Uniformed workers 

  • Background checks 

  • OSHA trained workers

  • Fully Insured 

  • All taxes, workmen’s compensation, unemployment taxes included

  • Simple billing 

  • No long term contracts

Labor Options – Starting at $20 Hour


  • Setting up and break down tables/chairs for events

  • Moving furniture 

  • Moving boxes 

  • Corporate & Social Events - Trash removal

  • Pre, during and post event clean up

Skilled Utility Work 

  • Skilled labor

  • Strip/Wax floors

  • High Dusting

  • Specialty Cleaning 

Shift Cleaning & Day Porter/Janitor 

  • Cleaning 1stShift        

  • Cleaning 2ndShift       

  • Cleaning 3rdShift        

Emergency Services     $50/hour – Plus supplies

24/7/365 requests for disaster clean up or emergency services.

Periodic Special Cleaning – Request a Quote

Full service window, hard floors, carpeting, high dustings and special cleaning requests

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Stan Bialecki, Director of Business Development