Ladders-Free ECO Window


Lower Cost·Lower Risk·Better Results

Using Deionized Water with “0” dissolved solids, the DBS Ladders-Free window cleaning system uses no chemicals to make your windows and solar panels cleaner than alternative methods. Cleaner than tap water, we use no electricity or other fuel for windows up to four stories above grade . . . and our process is . . . 

DBS Ladders-Free, Eco-Window Cleaning System

  • Eliminate the liability of exterior ladder work
  • Eliminate high labor costs of crews working on slow, dangerous and costly ladders and lifts
  • Eliminate costly lift rentals
  • No environmental impact

Our unique, patent-pending filtration systems utilize a sediment-carbon black filter to remove particulates down to 5 ppm. Additional Deionization Resin filtration systems then remove the remaining solids and chlorine. Deionized water does not attract airborne particles resulting in crystal-clear, virtually spot-free results. . . all from grade level to four stories without a single ladder.  

No ladders. No electricity. No Chemicals. No Pollutants.

The DBS Ladders-Free ECO Window filtration system removes 99+% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the supply water, vastly reducing water spotting and deposition of mineral deposits. Discharge water from the filtration system can be safely passed to any landscape vegetation or sanitary sewer.

The DBS system uses no chemicals, solvents, gasoline or electricity, consistent with the DBS Green Commitment that our educational, clinical and environmentally committed clients rely upon. Absolutely no soap, detergents, solvents or wetting agents are used in the DBS Ladders-Free ECO Window Cleaning System. Just deionized, highly filtered water.

No ladders = No liability  

THE DBS System delivers the highest safety standards to your exterior window cleaning projects. All work is done from grade level.  

The DBS Eco-Window Cleaning System is the integration of: a detailed work-time estimating system; patent-pending, highly-specialized filtration systems; trained and experienced field personnel performing the work; DBSs’ home-office, factory-trained maintenance techs maintaining the components of the filtration component to factory standards and a robust field operation serving CT, MA, RI, NY and PA.  Call for details.

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