Spring 2018: Cleaning News You Can Use

Spring Has Sprung … Now What?

Now that the weather is better . . . 

We had crazy continued cold temperatures this winter and our back-to-back nor'easter snowstorms had significant impacts on all businesses operations. In addition to lost time due to the storms, CT businesses closed early on many days … causing majors losses in production and operational output. With the bad weather behind us, now is the time to look at spring cleaning with an eye toward the restorative cleaning measures necessary to fight back the impact of the salt, sand and winter traffic we have all seen in our facilities.


Carpet Cleaning - Shampoo Options

There are a number of choices for carpet cleaning–from extraction to encapsulation to bonneting–each with its own cost and performance levels. Depending upon the type of soil, the most aggressive and most costly methods may not be necessary throughout your facility. It may pay to micromanage this process. Extract carpeting in your most heavily soiled areas (more expensive), and use one of the surface cleaning methods for the balance of your carpeted space (less expensive) for an optimal balance between cost and results. 


Haven’t Scrubbed the Tile for a While?

The effects are an accumulation of soil on the surface of the tile that is non-responsive to mopping and soiled grout–referred to as line to edge grout line discoloration. The corrective measure would be machine scrubbing and grout cleaning. Depending on the level and type of accumulated soil, the right cleanser and cleaning method will do a much better job on the tile and on the grout. 

Sealing the tile may also be very helpful, making the floor much easier to clean in daily maintenance.


Time to Take Care of the VCT

The abrasion of vinyl composition tile by the winter’s sand and salt can harm the wax finish on your flooring. Depending upon conditions, if you want to restore the floor finish you can strip and wax (more costly), or scrub and recoat (less costly). Other options include a coat of sealer applied directly onto the VCT, then several coats of high solids commercial floor finish. The right combination of sealer, coats of floor finish, daily and periodic maintenance will go a long way in protecting your VCT flooring with an esthetically appealing glass finish.


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